A collection of resources for the caret package

I’ve been trying to get up and running with the caret package for R and found that there is quite a shortage of good materials. I’m planning to write some tutorials for getting started with caret once I get a bit more comfortable with it, but for now I’ll just post a collection of useful resources. Most of these resources are produced by Max Kuhn, which is hardly surprising as he is the package author and maintainer. Is Max Kuhn to machine learning in R as Hadley Wickham is to everything else in R? I’ll leave that one hanging.

Caret Package Webinar – link
This is a webinar presented by Max Kuhn from February 2014. It covers the motivation for the package as well as quite a bit of R code to set up a machine learning algorithm using the package. You can download the slide deck here.

Machine Learning with R: An Irresponsibly Fast Tutoriallink
This is the only resource on this page which was not produced by Max Kuhn. It provides an excellent worked example which you can submit to Kaggle.

Interview with Max Kuhn – link
Another video with Max Kuhn explaining some of the motivation and intentions behind caret.

Presentation at useR 2013link
This is unsurprisingly also by Max Kuhn. It is a longer and more detailed slide deck than the first link on this page, and it includes a different example which shows a few additional features. As it’s a bit older it also does things a bit differently to how you would do them in the latest version of caret.

Applied Predictive Modellinglink
This is unfortunately the only non-free resource. The book comes highly regarded and I’ll probably end up buying it at some point. It’s written by Max Kuhn and talks about the theory of predictive modelling as well as providing some examples in R and caret.

The caret websitelink
This looks like an excellent technical resource once you’re up and running with caret but it doesn’t really help you get your head around what it’s doing and how to use it.

Max Kuhn’s Bloglink
I can’t believe how much material there is here. I haven’t managed to watch any of the videos yet but this looks like an awesome resource.

Building Predictive Models in R Using the caret Package – link
This is an academic paper also written by Max Kuhn at around the same time as caret was added to CRAN. The package has a bunch of new features since this paper was written so it’s probably not the go-to resource it once was.

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