[DVN] Using Gource to visualise UTS MDSI Slack

I wasn’t satisfied with just saying “check out what Martin did with Gource”, so I had a bit more of a look at what I could do. Firstly, I downloaded the UTS MDSI Slack logs, and worked out how to extract the information I needed. I did a bit of transformation, then exported the file in the appropriate format (code below the video).

I then played around with a few of the settings in Gource to make sure that it doesn’t run too slowly, zooms dynamically, doesn’t get too cluttered, etc, before saving it to file. The command for this was:

And now the video!


90 thoughts on “[DVN] Using Gource to visualise UTS MDSI Slack”

  1. Trying to think of a way to express a logical, analytical, and well thought out response to this.

    I cant. It just LOOKS SO COOL!!!

    Anyway, I think I’m getting the message regarding what is happening as the “people” drift away and then are pulled back in as they post on a channel. But what is happening when a node spins and starts to “unravel”?

    1. Ah, that is just when posts “expire”, which I’ve defined to be 30 seconds I think, which equates to about a month. I just had to do this to stop the clusters getting too large!

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